The SHPRC is Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, a one-stop shop for safer sex supplies, sex toys, sexual health counseling, and more. Our mission is to promote sexual health and healthy relationships across campus, both through our center and through community outreach. We’re located on the 2nd floor of Vaden Health Center, and we’re open from 12-6pm Mon-Thurs and 12-5pm Fri. If you can’t make it to the center, give us a call at (650) SAFE-SEX or contact a counselor via Advice Chat during our regular hours.

All undergraduates and co-terms receive a $3 credit to the center every quarter, so it’s worth your while to come by! You’ll be surprised how far your $3 goes with our heavily subsidized prices – condoms are 10 for $1, and all of our goodies are amazingly affordable. Due to our funding structure, grad students are not eligble for a subsidy; however, we welcome grad students to enjoy our products and services. We carry a wide variety of condoms, lube, and toys for all genders, as well as pregnancy tests. Even if you’re not in the market for condoms or sexual health advice, you’re more than welcome to stop by the SHPRC just to check it out.

Location and HoursThe SHPRC

The SHPRC is located on the 2nd floor of Vaden Student Health Center

Mon-Thurs 12-6pm, Fri, 12-5pm

Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter, from Week 2-Week 10.
(We are closed during Finals Week.)

Products and Library

The center carries a huge variety of goodies, from condoms to massage oil to vibrators. Check out our Products and Library page to see a description and price list for the products we sell.

An Informal History

In the mid-1970s, a group of Stanford students started the “Contraceptive Information Center,” located in the Fire Truck House.  Soon, the group moved to Cowell, with a branch at the Fire Truck House, called “Ye Olde Safer Sex Shoppe.”  In the mid-1990s, in response to a need to educate students about and protect students from AIDS, broadened the mission from contraception to the full range of Sexual Health and voila – became the SHPRC. The class for the SHPRC counselors, as well as for the Bridge, the PHEs, and HIV counselors began around the same time, when the Psych department became more research-focused.  Read more…


The SHPRC offers outreach programs for residences and student groups. Check out our Outreach page for more information!

Become a counselor!

We’re always looking for new counselors to join our team! Find out how you can become an SHPRC counselor here.


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