Sex Week 2017!


Monday, 5/8

Keynote by Kim & Tiq Milan: Queer Liberation & Radical Love

7-8:30 PM, Tresidder Oak Lounge West

Binary definitions of gender or sexuality are no longer sufficient in describing the experience that many people are having in the world. In this presentation, Tiq and Kim discuss strategies to sustain ally relationships and why it’s beneficial to personal and professional growth and development. They examine how love, communication and consent can be the foundation for radical social and interpersonal change.

Nationally renowned speakers Kim and Tiq Milan advocate for queer and transgender communities of color, and speak on a variety of issues like healthy relationships and sexuality. Kim Milan advocates for queer, trans, and feminist issues through her art and writing, and Tiq Milan has been an LGBTQ activist for over a decade, fighting for positive and honest portrayals of LGBTQ people in media. Watch their amazing TED Talk here!

Tuesday, 5/9

Navigating Healthcare for Trans Identified Folks, with Tiq Milan

12-1 PM, WCC, lunch provided

The importance of sexual, mental, and emotional healthcare for transgender people is often ignored when conversations stop at the trans body. In this talk participants will look at the hurdles trans folks face towards getting comprehensive care and the radical strategies implemented to meet these challenges.

Sex Politics: How the Government F*cks with your Orgasms, with Nenna Joiner

7-8 PM, Bechtel Assembly, snacks provided

So often, we take sex and our bodily rights for granted until they’re threatened in some way by lawmakers and politicians. This talk will discuss the various levels at which law and policy impact our sex lives and bodies. From how local zoning restrictions affect the placement of sex shops, to the recent California ballot initiative attempting to regulate condom use in porn, to how the federal government is trying to defund Planned Parenthood, you will learn about and learn to resist how the government fucks with your sex.

Nenna Joiner is a small business owner, author, pornographer, and community advocate. Six years of owning Feelmore Adult Gallery in Downtown Oakland, a long-time site of community resistance, has challenged Nenna to become an effective advocate and small business champion. Prior to opening Feelmore, Nenna began directing and producing porn, which has been screened in four countries and has won two Feminist Porn Awards (FPA). Most recently, Nenna was named one of Curve Magazine’s 2017 Top 100 in the Power Issue.


Wednesday, 5/10

What’s That For? An Interactive Kink Event

12-1 PM, OU 200, lunch provided

Kardinal Kink will be hosting an interactive event with different booths for people to learn about various aspects of kink, such as floggers, sex toys, rope, pet play, etc. The goal is to ensure that any participants who decide to pursue kink further will find their sex/intimacy to be more transparent, fun, interesting, and safe.

We will preface with a general introduction to what kink is and what Kardinal Kink does. This is a great opportunity for people who don’t know anything about kink or only know about kink through mass media to learn about kink in a safe and friendly space. It’s also a good space for people who want to ask more in depth questions about certain aspects of kink or who want to experience certain non-sexual aspects of kink.This is also a perfect chance to ask questions of different Kardinal Kink members who know a lot about certain kinks that you might be interested in. There is no nudity and no sexual play at this event.


From Body Image to Self Pleasure: Loving Yourself  in Every Way, with Kait Scalisi

7-8:30 PM, Bechtel Assembly, snacks provided

Self-love is hot these days, and for good reason: it helps you experience more intimacy, connection, and pleasure in all areas of your life. But it’s easier said than done, especially with all the witty think pieces and perfectly Instagrammed photos telling you how to do it “right.” In this guided discussion, you’ll learn to explore what self-love really looks like; dig into what stops you from loving yourself right now; and, play with fun, practical, & unconventional self-care practices that are doable no matter your schedule or budget. You’ll leave feeling more confident and empowered, and equipped with universal self-compassion tools that can grow with you for years to come.

Kait Scalisi, MPH is an acclaimed sex educator for those who crave more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex. Through her fun + practical workshops, she’s here to help you say OMG YES to your desires and hell no to all the societal BS holding you back – while feeling totally comfortable. Find #freedominpleasure at


Sexy Wine & Cheese

9-11 PM, Kairos

SUID to come aboard

21+ to get shipwrecked


Thursday, 5/11

“Contraception (For All!) with Dr. Sandy Lai”

12-1 PM, WCC, lunch provided

Curious about how different methods of contraception work? Heard a lot of myths surrounding birth control? Wondering what the-morning-after pill actually does? Join us in a discussion about contraceptive methods across genders, sexualities, and sexual expressions with Dr. Sandy Lai, MD, MBA. Dr. Lai is often described as one of the most inclusive and friendly clinicians at Vaden, and is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University.

Face-to-FaceTime: Intimacy in the Age of [Dis]connection, with Brianna Booth and Jenn Pollitt

8-9:30 PM, Paul Brest West, snacks provided

Are we hyper connected or hyper disconnected? Experience valuable in-real-life tools for navigating the complex territory of human relationships.

The ingredients to creating and maintaining intimacy in our interactions and relationships can be elusive in the age of social media, earbuds, hookup culture, echo chambers, urbanization, and intensely polarized politics. In this 90-minute workshop, expect to come away with a more nuanced understanding of the power of human connection for 1) its practical application in creating more satisfying, sustainable relationships, and 2) establishing the foundational blueprint of our most important tool of resistance.

In grad school, Brianna and Jenn found each other in an explosive mind meld, investigating the depths of sexuality as a powerful entry point to unlock humanity’s deep desire for intimacy, reveal the world’s need for radical compassion, and serve as an unlikely tool for reversing the precursors to violence. Jenn is a member of the queer community and a dedicated ally to marginalized groups, striving every day at Temple University to help all her students find their own voices and join the discourse around civil rights, class systems, and social positionality. Brianna identifies as a curlicued straight person with a deep belief in humanity, using methods of storytelling and design thinking to engage the Stanford community from the inside out, interpersonally and culturally, to develop our sexual citizenship.

Friday, 5/12

Sexuality at Stanford: A Student Panel

12-1 PM, WCC, lunch provided

Join us for a student panel discussion about sex positivity, sexuality, and sexual expression at Stanford. The event will be moderated by Brianna Booth, Director of Positive Sexuality at the SARA Office, with participation by student panelists and storytellers who encompass various identities and communities on campus. There will be an anonymous Q&A session at the end.


“Black | Grey | White | Purple:” A Discussion on Asexuality (Cosponsored by Terra Bites)

5-6:30 PM, Terra, dinner provided

Drop by the officially unofficial LGBT / queer co-op to talk about asexuality. So often, asexual, aromantic, grey-a, and demisexual identities are not considered in conversations about sex and sex positivity. Do asexual folks have sex? How do asexual folks do intimacy? Who even is asexual and what does asexuality mean? Join us for conversation about ace and race, queerness, gender, and more. Feed yourself, spend time with folks asking similar questions, and strategize around better including asexual folks in our communities. The space is open to all–whatever your experience with or relationship to asexuality, please come through!


Fuck the Man Concert ft. Orgone and Student Bands

7 pm, Columbae

Come to Columbae and SHPRC’s annual celebration of live music, activism, and sex positivity, featuring several great student bands (tbd) and LA-based raw soul and heavy funk band Orgone. Great music, great food, great people.



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