Daily Press: Birth Control Prices Skyrocket

9 May

Basically, college pharmacies can no longer buy birth control at cheap prices like they used to. Example: 1 NuvaRing at Vaden went from $12 to $50. I read some articles in which some girls were like “well I hope he wears a condom, because i can’t afford that.” This sucks.


Birth control prices rise on campuses

Under new federal regulations, drug companies are no longer selling contraceptives at discounted prices to colleges.

In December, Maureen Bounds bought as much NuvaRing as her health center’s refrigerator would hold. The pharmacist, who works at the Student Health Center at the College of William and Mary, knew a federal bill would go into effect the following month that would increase the cost of purchasing the contraceptive ring as well as birth control pills.

Last week, the center ran out of its stockpile.

That means students who want to continue to use NuvaRing as a form of birth control will now have to spend more than twice as much money as before. The pill also will get more expensive.

Until January, when the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 went into effect, college health centers were able to purchase contraceptives and other drugs at steep discounts from pharmaceutical companies. One of the reasons that makers of contraceptives did this was to create brand loyalty among young women.

But a change in the regulation now makes it financially unattractive for the companies to do that because providing those discounts increases how much they owe to participate in Medicaid. The amount drug companies must pay state Medicaid agencies depends on the difference between the manufacturer price and the lowest sale price. Read more…

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