December Newsletter

5 Dec

In this issue:

What’s Up This Month in the SHPRC?

Open for Dead Week
The SHPRC will be open during all of Dead Week, but will be closed during finals. This week’s your last chance to stock up before break starts!

Hours of Operation
The SHPRC is open Monday through Friday, from 12-6pm. We are located on the second floor of Vaden Health Center. If you have a question you’d rather call in, our phone number is (650) SAFE-SEX. The SHPRC is an LGBT-friendly space, and counseling is 100% confidential.

Interesting Articles

  • Big Rise in Cost of Birth Control on Campuses – In health centers at hundreds of colleges and universities around the country, young women are paying sharply higher prices for prescription contraceptives because of a change in federal law.
  • IU survey points to need for better condom information – Condom use errors, such as putting the condom on incorrectly or wearing one only part of the time, were frequently reported during a recent survey.
  • Chlamydia cases hit a record, CDC says – More than 1 million cases of chlamydia were reported in the United States last year, the most ever reported for a sexually transmitted disease, federal health officials said yesterday.
  • Rapid test offers new weapon against chlamydia – A new rapid test for chlamydia, the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection, has proved successful in trials and could help rein in a worrying rise in the disease, British scientists said on Friday.
  • Views on Sex Ed Divide Democratic, GOP Candidates – The U.S. has spent about $1 billion on abstinence-only education in the last decade and the White House seeks $28 million more. Here’s how presidential candidates line up on the issue.
  • SHPRC Featured Product: Durex Performax condoms

    durexThese condoms contain a body-heat-activated climax control lubricant on the inside, and a silky-smooth lubricant on the outside. A great option for those wishing to last longer in bed. They have a fitted shape for easy application, and also have a great feel. Each condom is electronically tested for reliability.

    Information for RAs and PHEs

    Schedule an Outreach!
    Looking to spice up the dorm life? Invite the SHPRC to do a fun and informative sexual health outreach in your dorm! Outreaches can include games, competitions, or Q&A sessions. Contact the Dorm Outreach Coordinator, Sev Guardado .

    Visit the SHPRC!
    Are your residents a little awkward about going to the Center alone? Set aside a day to visit the SHPRC with your dorm and make an event of it! Our sexual health counselors would be glad to give a tour of all we have to offer, and of course help you redeem your $2 of FREE supplies.

    Want pamphlets and hand-outs?
    The SHPRC has a wealth of informational pamphlets and hand-outs that you can pass out in the dorm. Come in to the Center and pick out what would be most useful for your residents!

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