Feb Newsletter Articles of Interest

7 Feb

Here are the sexual health related articles compiled for the February SHPRC e-Newsletter. If you haven’t seen it and want to be on the list, email sev@stanford to find out more.

With the Pill, Years of Cancer Protection – NYTimes.com
British researchers found that women taking the pill for 15 years halved their chances of developing ovarian cancer and that the risk remained low more than 30 years later.

Stronger Warning for Birth Control Patch – WebMD.com
The FDA today strengthened its warning on the risk of serious blood clots in women using the Ortho Evra birth control skin patch. The warning about venous thromboembolism — clots in veins that may be life-threatening if they travel to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism — isn’t new. It’s been on the Ortho Evra patch label since September 2006.

35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade – OurBodiesOurBlog.org
Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), also known as the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (BWHBC), is a nonprofit, public interest women’s health education, advocacy, and consulting organization. This is their round-up of links on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Sex and the Teenage Girl – NYTimes.com Op-Ed
THE movie “Juno” is a fairy tale about a pregnant teenager who decides to have her baby, place it for adoption and then get on with her life. For the most part, the tone of the movie is comedic and jolly, but there is a moment when Juno tells her father about her condition, and he shakes his head in disappointment and says, “I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when.”

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