SHPRC Wins Dean’s Award!

20 Apr

Great news! The SHPRC has been selected to receive the 2008 Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award for student groups. The award website says this about the award:

The Dean’s Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding level of achievement by a student group that has enriched the quality of student life on campus. The recipients of the award exhibit excellence and innovation in the implementation of programs or projects; benefit the campus community; and demonstrate a unique quality.

In our case, the innovation was the subsidized pregnancy tests we began offering this year. We’re honored that the committee found this new program to fit the criteria of the award.

At the SHPRC, we’re all pretty excited. Anjali, the co-director this year, wrote to the counselors:

Thanks so much to all of you for everything that you all do for the SHPRC—you are all amazing, and we are able to thrive and reach so many students only because of the dedication and creativity of all of our counselors and volunteers.

Yeah SHPRC! This is fantastic news, and we hope this recognition will help more students come and take advantage of the pregnancy test program and all our other resources!

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