HealthTap Widget and Birth Control App: New Resources

18 Nov

Do you wish you had a place in which you could ask anonymous questions regarding sexual health? HealthTap is a new, free app that is similar to WebMD, but emphasizes the fact that any question you ask is answered by a medical professional. 

Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge of HealthTap explains: “At HealthTap, we’ve already served many millions of people with trustworthy, reliable health answers, and we’d like Sexual Health Peer Resource Center to be able to share the same information with Stanford students”. One of our customers says:
I found HealthTap purely by accident. Since then, any time I have a health question I submit it to the doctors onHealthTap and receive a response in no time. It doesn’t matter what my question is about or when I ask, someone always answers. Thank you so very much. I will continue to use this feature for a very long time.
           — HealthTap member

Here is the link to the HealthTap widgets, which allow you to easily access our network of over 40,000 U.S. doctors and receive answers to health questions for free without ever having to leave your health services site. The dynamic widgets are quick and easy to install into the sidebar of your site and are completely customizable (size/color/content).

Are you just starting birth control or looking for a different method of birth control to switch to? Another resource we have to offer is a birth control method comparison app from the Health Division of FindTheBest: birth control method comparison
If neither of these online resources give you the answers you’re looking for, feel free to chat with one of our counselors at the SHPRC.
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