Who’s Coming for Sex Week 2015

29 Apr

Laci Green, Keynote Speaker


Laci Green Headshot Laci Green is a 25-year-old web personality, public speaker, and activist from San Francisco. She is best known as the host and creator of the internet’s most popular sex education show, called “Sex Plus”. Sex+ seeks to start a fresh conversation about sexuality that is fun and educational. The show currently reaches 5 million young adults every month in over 125 countries. In 2011, Green graduated with highest honors from UC Berkeley and she currently holds a certificate in rape and dating violence crisis counseling. Throughout college, she taught for-credit sex education classes to at-risk high school students and students at UC Berkeley. In addition to her work on Sex+, she is an educator and consultant for Planned Parenthood, Discovery, and MTV Act. Her work has been featured on CBC, ABC, Dr. Phil, The Science Channel, The Atlantic Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The Huffington Post, Upworthy, and more.

Carol Queen


carolbookcoverCarol Queen is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in sexology. First as an organizer in the lesbian/gay community, where she helped found one of the first gay youth groups in the United States, and later in the emerging international bisexual community, as a sex worker and a practitioner of alternative sexualities, she typically teaches and writes from her own experience and that of her communities even as she references academic thought on these subjects.

An award-winning author, activist and sex educator with a PhD in sexology, Dr. Carol Queen has been a part of Good Vibrations since 1990.She currently serves as both Staff Sexologist and Historian and the curator of Good Vibrations’s Antique Vibrator Museum. As a presenter for “Ask the Doctors,” one of our free educational programs, Queen engages customers with humor and information at in-store question and answer events.

She also represents Good Vibes to the public and the press. Honored for her body of work and her immeasurable contributions to sexual wellness and awareness, she received the inaugural AVN “O” Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2009.

Sex Nerd Sandra


sandra2Sandra Daugherty punches sexual shame in the face. The sex educator is a firm believer in the right to healthy intimate experiences and the skills that get us there.

Sandra is known the world over for her podcast, “Sex Nerd Sandra.” At once irreverent and educational, the show has earned a top spot on iTunes. Its loyal listenership (over 9 million downloads) is vocal about Sandra’s impact, describing her as “inspiring” with “contagious enthusiasm” and an “awesome nerd-like ability that [she’s] not afraid to show.” Her weekly podcast has run since 2011 under the Nerdist Industries banner with no end in sight.

Her professional journey began in 2009 normalizing sexuality through sex-positive workshops and she continues to teach as well as appearing across other platforms including web and TV shows, podcasts, documentaries, panels, lectures, personal coaching and consulting.

Her background in cultural anthropology, philosophy and broadcast journalism provide crucial lenses through which she views her work. Sandra has completed the comprehensive sex educator training program provided by San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), attends professional conferences and workshops regularly and devours literature on all related topics with retention equal to her curiosity.

Stefanos & Shay
IMG_9769ECW-240x300Stefanos & Shay are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple known for presenting classes that are entertaining (they’ve been called “better than a Vegas act”) and also packed with useful and applicable information. They are the 2014 International Power Exchange title holders. Shay is an ER nurse by day and education director for the SF Citadel by night, while Stefanos is all kink all the time in his professional life as the Producer/Steward of The Upper Floor on Kink.com and DM & CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go. Stefanos & Shay identify as pansexual polyamorist playsluts (and probably a few other P’s they haven’t thought of yet). Issues they are passionate about include risk awareness and healing/recovery from abuse. They created the bondage education web site remedialropes.com and have performed, presented, and hosted events at venues around the country, including the SF Citadel, KinkFest, Northwest Leather Celebration, KinkAcademy.com, the Exotic Erotic Ball, OpenSF, Cum & Glitter, and in a number of documentaries across the world.

Courtney Trouble


doubletroublepic1Courtney’s range is prolific to say the least, having double-fisted multiple careers in pornography, performance, fine art photography, web design and engineering, event direction, festival planning, social justice activism, writing, sex education, music writing/recording/performance, editing, DJing, commercial film-making, music video creation, journalism, public speaking, feminist studies, and underground art movements.

Courtney is the founder of TROUBLEfilms, IndiePornRevolution.Com, and QueerPorn.TV, as well of the director of over 25 full-length films, including 12 full length DVDs released through Courtney’s production company TROUBLEfilms. For current releases, please see TROUBLEfilms.Com

For more information about Courtney Trouble’s impressive career, including her work with trans porn and her 14th feature length film, Lesbian Curves, visit her bio page at http://courtneytrouble.com/aboutme/.

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