becca tuesday 2-4

31 Oct
  • cheyenne (tuesday 12-2):
    • nothing happened
    • tresidder starbucks is out of pumpkin spice
    • things are sad
  • junior for 20 ec, 4 water pillows
  • senior for 17 ec, 13 silicone foils
  • junior for 30 ec
  • junior for 10 ec
  • senior for 1 pocket rocket vibrator
  • senior for 1 ky jelly

important note: we got trash bags for our lil’ can, so we can take it out ourselves instead of waiting for the vaden custodian (which supposedly takes this out once a week). alternatively, they told me we can leave the bag outside the center door in the evening and someone will dispose of it.

also, idk if the POS is working??? when i press submit it doesn’t clear like it normally does, so i hope everything went through!!

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