Hours: 12-6pm Monday-Thursday and 12-5pm Friday

Phone: 650-SAFE-SEX (650-723-3739)

Email: To contact anyone in the group by email, send an email to the Co-directors, Laetitia Walendom, MaryJo Lopez and Solveij Praxis at and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

SHPRC Leadership:

  • General Manager: Laetitia Walendom
  • Financial Manager: MaryJo Lopez
  • Sex Week Manager: Elisabeth Dee
  • Publicity Managers: Johnathan Bowes and Sarah Simmons
  • Outreach Manager: Jordan Sanches
  • Outreach Assistant: Ingrid Jernudd
  • Office Manager: Bojan Srbinovski
  • EDUC 193S TAs: Brooke Vittimberga and Roxanna Reaves (Fall/Winter), Jessica Hernandez and Winston Chen (Spring)
  • Events and Continuing Education Manager: Mara Chin Loy (Fall-Winter), Amanda Edelman (Spring)

Mailing Address:

Sexual Health Peer Resource Center
Vaden Health Center
866 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-8580

Website: Please direct questions or concerns to Laetitia Walendom at


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