Celebrate Wellness Fair

We decided to create a sexual health obstacle course in which participants donned sperm caps and tried to navigate their way through the female reproductive system to finally get to the egg.

Step 1: Choose your strategy.

Step 2: Break through the condom barrier by using oil-based lube.

Step 3: Avoid other contraceptive obstacles.

Step 4: Crawl through one of the fallopian tubes and get to the egg!

What Happens in Vegas Party (11/13/2009)

Our TAs just can’t get enough of each other!

A party just isn’t a party without our famous condom wheel

Safe Sex on the Beach Party (4/17/2009)



Our faithful counselors cheerfully bear the cold to supervise the door.


SHPRC counselors staff the games room. Games included Trivia Wheel, Diagnose the Breast, Pin the Condom on the Person, STI Riddles, and Condom Banana Races


Two party-goers race to put condoms on bananas.


Student-created posters decorated the walls.


Someone tries his sexual health smarts at the Trivia Wheel.


Counselors passed out information, condoms, and candy as people left the party.


SHPRC outreach materials 04

SHPRC outreach materials 03

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