Outreaches & Tours

One of SHPRC’s central goals is enabling all Stanford students to take charge of their sexual health,  and we rely on campus outreaches not only to spread awareness of the center itself and resources we offer but also to educate fellow students on the ins and outs of sexual health. Whether you’re  looking for a Sex Ed crash course for your freshmen, planning a contraception workshop for your sorority, or hosting a discussion at a community center, the SHPRC is eager to help out! We also love to represent the center at activities fairs, parties, and events.

Bring the SHPRC to your group or program by signing up for an outreach. Our counselors will provide tailor-made discussions on contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pleasure, sex positivity, and much more. We have an abundance of demos, ice breakers, and games to keep things fun and engaging.

Popular outreach activities include:

  • Sex Trivia
  • Condom Wheel of Fortune
  • Birth Control Show and Tell
  • Condom & Lube Tasting
  • Anatomy 101
  • Spectrum of Risk Game
  • Condom Relay Races

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in planning an outreach for your group on campus.

Outreach Planning Form

We also have a comprehensive outreach directory that details some of the various outreaches that we perform. If you would like access to this directory, please indicate this on the form and our outreach managers, Sun Paik and Daniel Costa, will give you access.


At the SHPRC, we want students to be well-informed about sexual health and well-acquainted with the center, so we offer tours to residence dorms and student groups. If you are a student or community leader who wants to tour the SHPRC with a group, we encourage that you stop by at your convenience, but if your group is particularly large, it is helpful for us if you email Gia Colgan (gcolgan@stanford.edu) to let us know when you’re coming so that we can prepare for you!

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